Renee Zawawi "The Voice of a Goddess!"

September 9, 2018

A trigger causes an impulse. The impulse stimulates the breath to enter and leave the body. The breath contacts the vocal folds and causes it to vibrate. The resonators amplify the vibrations. The sound produced is articulated by the tongue and the lips. The voice quality is genetic. Timber, tune, and texture make the voice quality. While mumbling attracts inattention and stridency attracts "short attention span audience", a pleasant voice is balanced and warm and attracts enthusiast audience. Standard American is what most movie and television actors/reporters use. Excellent examples of signature voices are Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney. The musical voice is an artist identity as well as personality and truth. “ Like fingerprints, each of us has one of a kind voice.” Ladies and gentlemen here is Renee Zawawi "American Girl" featuring her mezzo-soprano

vocal range from speaking to singing. "I feel blessed and thankful to God for granting me a beautiful voice. I am able to earn a living doing voice-over and singing". Renee Zawawi 





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