Walking Through Life

July 1, 2018

In this video, I express my fast-paced life through my "shoe - steps". At first I crawled, and then I walked, then I ran after my dreams. My dreams played hard to get until I stopped chasing them. The reflections of my footsteps, turned into beautiful shapes and colorful images that represent my journey throughout my years in college. Each pair shoe represents a place I walked into and a different season of the year the spring, summer, the fall and me! Each season corresponds to a phase in the human "life cycle" from childhood to infinity.


As life goes on and spring blossoms with flowers, the shoe appears on multiple screens, then on four quadrants, then one. The number of screens represents ones childhood when we see things for the first time and when our surroundings become more clear to us.


Growing into the summer, it represents teen-hood. The sun rises in the blue sky, and the boats sail into the ocean but teenagers are surrounded by water. I express the struggle and the complex emotions that one can experience when realizations take a place " How dare I didn't understand this as a child!"  The shoe tries to break through the scene, but the wave sweeps them away, until they eventually float to the shore and engage into what the next season has to offer.


The colorful fall represents the exciting young adult phase "I am on my own". Many doors of opportunities are open. The shoe walks in so many directions, they leave the scene from the left and re-enter again from the right. More colorful shapes and reflection appear in the video expressing the happiness that was soon stolen away. I know who I am. I just don't remember 8 years of my life. I do recall the pain of becoming ill, not taking care of, robbed, and trapped. It wasn't for my best interest; it was against my well. It's all "staccato" in my head because of the "bits and pieces" I must now forget to survive. I know who did it and their karma will remember them forever.


The scene soon becomes colorless but more distinct. Lines and curvatures are better formed. It is the unknown "wisdom-addict" future that carries surprises to be explored and awake the curiosity of the child in me again. We always find beautiful things to look at for the first time. I am no longer running. I am standing still. I stand at my exhibition by my four-season video art - and say to myself thank god I am alive. Renee Zawawi 




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