Renee Zawawi Legends

August 5, 2018

Author's Notes 

"Once up on a tune, I wrote legends to share it with you. Songs from my heart and soul about my life trip in general and throughout traveling to various countries. Each song speaks of dances, cultures, and encounters. I hope you enjoy it. My studio recording of Legends is only live on iTunes.

Renee Zawawi Wins Best New AC Hot Artist at the NMW and is sending her thanks to her fans for their love and support. 


Reviewer Magazine 

Pop-princess Renee Zawawi is smart young Woman; she has written a bunch of songs, recorded them and the result is "legends", tracks of danceable exotic pop-phoria. Legends” is a CD with some vividly expressive vocal chords. The music on this CD is not at all like the empty-headed drivel such as you’d hear today if you turned on your local Star FM station – that horrible syndicated radio station that plays the bottom of the barrel, musically speaking, and repeats the same garbage over and over again all day long, infiltrating city after city in the US. You get none of that on “Legends”. 

Renee Zawawi is different; for one thing, she wrote her own songs, which makes for much more original-sounding songs as opposed to crap that’s written by a music factory in Santa Monica. Each person has their own unique, individual stories and experiences and their own personal ways of expressing them, so when someone, for instance, writes their own songs and sings them, the music often tends to have something about it that’s more honest, fresher and more original, you end up singing from the heart, as it were, your heart, because the words came from your own experiences. In a nutshell, that explains the difference between an artist and an entertainer. Renee Zawawi has a pretty voice; an earnest childlike quality with a bubbly effusiveness.

“One Time in Italy” is a lush pillow talk of a song, romantic to the core. ["Mom" is a mellow, straight- ahead personal song; a detour from the ebullience of the rest of the EP. Something about “Legends” is both exciting and soothing at the same time, perhaps it was this very trait that had its hold over me].


Online Rock 

Why doesn’t more dance music feature singers who can actually sing? LEGENDS, the debut album from Renée Zawawi, doesn’t make that mistake. Zawawi’s voice is smooth and sassy, shaking its hips across a series of danceable world beats. The track "American Girl" is a sweet, sharp example of what dance music can be when it showcases a talented vocalist. This is a smart, fun first album from an artist worth watching. 


Windy City Times Review of Legends

On the cover of her debut outing L-E-G-E-N-D-S, Renee Zawawi wears a skirt made up of flags representing various countries and a top designed out of Old Glory. This Philadelphia native finds pride in her uniqueness on the opening number, “American Girl,” by declaring, “I am an American girl … with wide black eyes that have seen the world … it's my turn to say what I want.” Zawawi has a chirping voice and Altered Images.  Renee Zawawi “American Girl” was nominated for best international dance song at The Toronto Exclusive Magazine Awards.


Hot Indie Music Review By Ralph White 


The Track "Mom" display the dark side of Renee Zawawi's personality while "Papa" is a worthy effort any World Beat artist would be proud of. I must say that "Legends" is a strong first effort that she should undoubtedly be quite proud of and predicts a promising path this prolific singer/composer is sure to pursue in the future. My suggestion? Buy this CD and keep your eye on Renee. I believe she'll be easy to keep your eyes on!


Grave Concerns-Ezine

Music Review of Legends By Robert Eaton
Legends seems to try and to take you all of the places which the artist has traveled, and all the places she has been emotionally: from ecstatic, to despairing, rather a whirlwind of contemporary pop. Renee Zawawi's voice is plaintive, but mature. "Renee Zawawi's voice is soothing & comfortable delivering funky songs like Happy Hour while there is a tinge of melancholy in her evocative vocals in Whisky Bar." 

There is a dearth of intelligent, earnest pop music currently; Renee Zawawi's "Legends" is just the sort of thing that could fill such a void. The album is full of haunting melodies, catchy bass lines, and thoughtful lyrics. The bouncy, upbeat songs, which are most suited to dance floors don’t necessarily show the depth of this artist. All together, it is an interesting and enjoyable album, which deserves more than one listen.

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