17 Months Calendar

July 16, 2018

(Renee Zawawi) calendar graces the wall in my office. It’s a standard size, 17-month calendar featuring Renee in a variety of clothing, wigs and poses. (Zawawi said, she had 17 pictures that’s why 17 months calendar). She is stunning, playful, and has a very classic yet versatile style. Each month has a theme, and she does a great job of capturing each moment. The calendar with short captions was created before the social media and the Instagram era! All the text is in three languages: English, French and Arabic, and there are additional black & white photos on each page which Renee took her self. I had been looking for a new calendar and this came at just the right time. And seeing her sweet face always brightens my day. Renee Zawawi is a talented musician with a bubbly and sweet voice and personality. Most photographs were taken by Alex Kaplan while Renee Zawawi was living in New York City. Kaplan says: "The camera LOVES her! Renee is beautiful inside and out!" Kaplan was able to capture Renee's beauty, charm, and innocence for the world to see and enjoy! 




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