Renee Zawawi "Gallery Show" Review

January 19, 2019


Renee Zawawi "Gallery Show" album include a studio recording of her own writing original EP "Legends" as well as cover songs by favorite songwriters.


Pop-princess Renee Zawawi is smart young woman “legends”, danceable exotic pop-phoria! Her new release "Gallery Show” is a CD with some vividly expressive vocal chords. It’s syncopated Euro-style neo-disco in a song like “One Time in Italy” which is a lush pillow talk of a song, romantic to the core and with a tinge of the Middle Eastern to it in a song like "Papa", but mostly it’s a dance-pop record with a European flair to it, [it is a new American Sounding] – which is a good thing as there is already too much homogeneity in American pop music. The music on this CD is not at all like the empty-headed drivel such as you’d hear today if you turned on your local Star FM station – that horrible syndicated radio station that plays the bottom of the barrel, musically speaking, and repeats the same garbage over and over again all day long, infiltrating city after city in the US. You get none of that on “Gallery Show”.

Renee Zawawi is different; for one thing, she wrote her own songs about her Mom, Papa, and Love Life " Happy Hour", which makes for much more original-sounding songs as opposed to crap that’s written by a music factory in Santa Monica. Each person has their own unique, individual stories and experiences and their own personal ways of expressing them, so when someone, for instance, writes their own songs and sings them the music often tends to have something about it that’s more honest, fresher and more original, you end up singing from the heart, as it were, your heart, because the words came from your own experiences and hopes and dreams, etcetera. In a nutshell, that explains the difference between an artist and an entertainer. Renee Zawawi has a pretty voice; an earnest childlike quality with a bubbly effusiveness. Renee Zawawi is chilling out with fans and performing acoustic in Philadelphia this Valentine's Day.


“Gallery Show” is a great album, for one thing, I wasn’t expecting to be very impressed, I’m jaded, I guess, but soon I found myself getting into it; the way each song segues into the next one kept me listening longer and longer. I’m not sure what, but something about “Gallery Show” was both exciting and soothing at the same time, perhaps it was this very trait that had its hold over me. "Ken Manthie"


* The only complain Renee Zawawi received from fans is that her real album is only available on iTunes. Some fans explain, " I am not signed up for iTunes or have an apple ID - How do I get the CD?


* Renee Zawawi music is also live on Spotify! 




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