Renee Zawawi "One Time In Italy" Review

February 3, 2019

Renee Zawawi "One Time In Italy" music video from her studio album "Gallery Show" is a blend of pop and magical realism. A model while in a photo shoot discovers that somehow in a post life she is connected to the Mansion where the photo shoot is being held. It is filled with lush imagery and a beautiful dance that will surely captivate and entice.

Flashy, romantic vignettes; fantasy shots of Renee singing to a mirror and dancing with some sexy beau in big, beautiful chateaux.

The music is pretty much representative of her milieu environment. I think Renee Zawawi has a sweet voice, a danceable, poppy, upbeat-ness to her music and would be perfect for a set of feverish dancing at some downtown nightclub. The videos are a nice complement to the music; they add a visceral substance to the tunes.

Both Renee and her music are sensual, exotic, a bit demure, but with much strength, both inside and out. Her charm and her talent have gotten her this far – let’s see what else she can do with them.



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