Renee Zawawi Music Review

April 21, 2019

Below is a complete reviews of Renee Zawawi new studio album "Gallery Show" song by song


American Girl

"Renee Zawawi, Philadelphia native / Miss Pennsylvania, finds pride in her uniqueness on the opening number

"American Girl, which was nominated as best international song & was added to the Hall of Fame Radio. Renee Zawawi's voice is smooth and sassy shaking it's hips across a series of danceable world beats in her new studio album "Gallery show " W. R


Happy Hour 

"Renee Zawawi Happy Hour is a Stand Alone Project! Renee Zawawi Happy Hour is a cute premise enchanted by Renee Zawawi perky vocals and up beat personality. Renee Zawawi constant French add lips is very sexy. Renee Zawawi is a brand, she is very beautiful and very talented. While her original song gave birth to many other artists, Renee Zawawi is a threat to other less talented artists who keeps trying to be her. She is classic with a contemporary edge and has more male friends than girls." T & R. 



"Renee Zawawi Mom is her dark side. Full of haunting melody, bass lines, and thoughtful lyrics. Basically Renee Zawawi says in this song, "my mother broke my heart!" G. C



"Renee Zawawi Papa is  a worthy any rockstar would be proud of. The track brings to mind classic bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Queen."  R. W


One Time In Italy 

"Renee Zawawi One Time In Italy is a lush pillow talk of a song, romantic to the core." K. M


Whisky Bar 

"Renee Zawawi's voice is soothing & comfortable delivering funky songs like Happy Hour while there is a tinge of melancholy in her evocative vocals in Whisky Bar." R. E.


Gallery Show

Renee Zawawi Gallery Show music album is interesting & enjoyable album. Let's dance the night away and forget the problems that faces us! Renee Zawawi hasn't officially set a release date for her album, she has upload her songs fresh on iTunes and Spotify while she was recording them. 








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