Renee Zawawi "Live Show" Review

April 7, 2019

Last night at cozy & intimate AMPLYFI - Hollywood, California next door to paramount pictures, Renee Zawawi (Lead Vocalist) arrived to the stage-soaking wet! It's has been raining all day in Los Angeles, and Renee says, " She loves the rain and last night she walked to the venue."


Renee Zawawi wrote her album "Legends" before her band was formed and record "Gallery Show". Currently the band is keeping her name as their "stage name".  The band includes, Neal Daniels (Drums), Valerie Stern (Keyboard), & Hidie Ikumo (Guitar) and they definitely nailed the album. Renee Zawawi & her band gave two perfromances in Los Angles, California this weekend. Her Studio City Sound performance was flawless. 


Last night at AMPLFY, the show started with her pop anthem “Happy Hour”, Renee Zawawi and her band has been delivering a consistent enchanting performance of the song. It can't get any better. The follow up to that was her chart topping "Mom". Despite all her successes and accomplishments, Renee has also dealt with tragedies. For most of her life she has searched for her mother, only to finally find her when it came time for her mother's funeral. 

Renee moved out of her family home at a young age, but would make many brief holiday visits to her father. While driving with her father along the west coast, her father became suddenly ill and had trouble breathing. Renee pulled over and called for help. Unfortunately, while a crew tried to help extract her father from the car to the gurney, her father was dropped and suffered a spinal cord injury. This incident would profoundly change the life of Renee and her family.


After singing Mom, Renee Zawawi performed "Papa" beautifully and the audience was dancing. After singing the first and second verses in Papa, Renee Zawawi zooned out!! "Renee Zawawi is traumatized by her parents!"  It's obvious and interesting to watch. Renee Zawawi is singing live and her band is performing live. It's a very honest shows with no backing tracks or backing vocals or dancers. I found audience more intrigued and more entertained with live performers and whatever happens on stage makes the show entertaining.


I have been attending every Renee Zawawi shows. I love it. I have been trying to figure her out (lol) She is mysterious to me and makes headlines. She is beautiful, smart, a lead vocalists in this very hot, charming Pop/Rock American Band. Her album and live performance show a great contrast between her happy upbeat personality, and her melancholy personal life.



Renee Zawawi, break away from the traumatic thoughts about her parents, and rock "Break On Through to the other side" with her band. Once again it can't be any better performance and that's how the show ended. I would have loved to hear more songs last night... They didn't sing American Girl, Fever, or Whisky Bar but I really hope they would have a full set in the future. I wanted to hear more... and keep watching them on stage. 


Renee Zawawi is attending the iHerat Radio Music Awards for the first time, this evening. I suggest you buy the album and keep an eye on her! 




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