Renee Zawawi Among Rock Legends

August 19, 2018

"Renee Zawawi song "Mom" displays her dark side of her personality. While her song "Papa" is a worthy effort any World Beat artist would be proud of." Indie Music Review. 


At a conference in LA, I heard someones says, "I write songs not a tragedy" and I I felt that it is an underwhelming statement when it comes to songs written from the heart.  I right away thought of artists like Renee Zawawi and John Lennon. Both have a lot of Happy songs for the sequel pop scent listeners but they also have really deeper songs. 


"Mother" is a song by English musician John Lennon, first released on his 1970 album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. "Mother" is actually a cry to both his parents, who abandoned him in his childhood. His father, Alf, left the family when John was an infant. His mother, Julia, was hit and killed in a car accident. In one of his last concerts Lennon stated that the song was not just about his parents, but was rather "about 99% of the parents, alive or half dead". The song was #19 on the commercial radio charts at that time. 

​December 15, 2015, Renee Zawawi host a "Gallery Show" where she performed her song “ Mom” for the firs time. I guess that made "Mom" her first single from her album "Gallery Show". Her performance was so incredible and she rocked the venue. "Mom" is a cry for her mother. Samantha was killed tragically.  At the venue, Renee Zawawi exhibit interesting photograph that she took and talked about how she coped with pain. The song is suitable within her album environment where the whole needs light and shade, upbeat and not. Renee Zawawi has a pop energetic upbeat personality and her hits are songs like American Girl, Happy Hour, and Papa. Nevertheless, when rumors spread after the live show that Renee Zawawi has returned to the recording studio, a radio promoter took her fresh recordings while she was at the studio for a radio spin to indie radio stations and "Mom" reached #1 at the Independent Music Network Radio.


Sounding like she is straight out of some European club, Renee Zawawi is a talented vocalist and a creative songwriter. Although Renee Zawawi in general keeps things light & syrupy, "MOM" is a very personal song.  Renee Zawawi's mother was not a big part of the pop star childhood in fact they were separated after her parent's divorce.  Later on while still very young, for most of her life, Renee has searched for her mother, only to finally find her when it came time for her mother's funeral. Renee Zawawi is pouring her heart out every time she sings "Mom".  Renee Zawawi is a classic with contemporary edge; her persona recalls rock legends, John Lennon  & Jim Morrison. Renee Zawawi explains, "My feelings never change about my mom no matter how many time I sing the song, I feel choked up and can't sing another song after it. At the same time, hello, I wrote a song about my mom. It's surreal. I mean what is a song?"  Renee Zawawi song Mom works great as a single. Many of her fans who lost a parent at a young age can relate to the song performance and all the emotions that the lyrics trigger. "Gallery Show" is a thoughtful album and America is excited for this newly formed band - currently keeping their band together in the name of RENEE ZAWAWI! 







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