Renee Zawawi "Papa Review"

February 17, 2019

Current rock band similar to the Doors is Renee Zawawi band. What makes this exciting is that she is an original artist & is not channeling Mr. Jim Morrison’s but being her actual self. Her tribute to the Doors at the Grapes and Hobs will make them proud. Renee Zawawi is a talented vocalist and a creative songwriter. We got a female rocker in the market and her original song Papa makes it obvious. Renee Zawawi has an amazing past that shaped who she is now. Raised by a single dad but for the most part she was on her own at a very young age. Renee Zawawi and her band members are college graduates. They are might be the only millennial band with college education. Renee Zawawi is making history by self-releasing 12 music videos on YouTube in one calendar year despite all the tragic events she has gone through. It is a worthy band to follow and their music is worthy tracks for radio spins. Gallery Show is about her mother "Mom", her father "Papa", her love for the arts (Italy), her love life (Happy Hour), and the cross she carried while pursuing her career (American Girl). Renee Zawawi wrote her demo Legends before her band was formed and they are now honoring her uniqueness. 






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