Why Renee Zawawi "Smooth Operator" cover is a hit

Sade, "Smooth Operator" 1980"s

Hot 100 Peak: Number Five
"Minimum space, maximum joy:" It's not only the ethos of the lithe lothario in Sade's silky smash, it's a pretty apt description for the song itself, a lighter-than-air classic that crossed lines between R&B, jazz, adult contemporary, pop and dance music. The opening track on the group's debut album, Diamond Life, it signaled the arrival of a bright new star in front woman Sade Adu, and provided the soundtrack to a decade of excess and soft-focus sensuality. J.M. Rolling Stones


  • This was written by lead singer Sade Adu and Ray Saint John, who was a member of Sade's previous band Pride. The song is about a fashionable man who lives a jet-set lifestyle. He's very popular with the ladies, and breaks a lot of hearts in his travels. With the lyrics, "Across the north and south, to Key Largo, love for sale," it's implied that the women he uses also supply his wealth. It's also clear that he does not return the affections of these women, as Sade sings near the end, "His heart is cold."


In 2007, Renee Zawawi sang Céline Dion "My Heart Will Go On" at an audition for a producer in New York. He said it was a tough choice, she sang it so well, and asked her to sing Sade "Smooth Operator" at the call back. Well, Renee Zawawi traveled to Los Angeles and never went back to that producer. Years later in 2017, When Renee Zawawi returned to the recording studios - Los Angeles - a completely different producer overheard her sing "Smooth Operator" while she was walking around the studio. He insisted that the song suits her voice very well and insisted she would record it. It was an epic recording session featuring all stars musicians and Grammy winner producer. The song is right on the money and Renee sounds amazing. She is an artist and able to deliver different range and style of music, which makes her album "Gallery Show" awesome and pleasant to listen to. What Renee Zawawi is missing is a radio promoter or simply an energetic A&R to keep up with her work! We should be able to hear her songs at clubs and radio. It's a nice album from a gorgeous pop star who grew up in the public eyes from wining the Miss Pennsylvania Awards in Philadelphia to the People Choice Awards in Vegas! Renee Zawawi attended college and graduate with my brother!


Here are the reasons why it is so easy to fall in love with Renee Zawawi. She is an American Girl. "You can't get her"; She is a bad girl, dark, gorgeous, charismatic, and rose from sick. Renee Zawawi takes off at any giving minute since she was very young and she speaks several languages. If there is a guy, I would set her up with, I will call a Matt Damon. Renee Zawawi is a personality, a professional photographer and a lead vocalist in a rock band.  It's exciting to have her back. The music industry needs such a leading lady. 





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