Renee Zawawi "American Girl" Review

September 24, 2018

"Renee Zawawi is medically ill and she needs physical rest!" I could swear if you take Renee Zawawi to the doctor any day, that's what the doctor will say - yet she is one of the most searched & accomplished artists in my opinion.

The Pop Music Scene was in recession when Renee Zawawi self produced her demo album Legends and impressed everyone at the Cannes Music Festival 2008 with her new vision and music. Her original demo song American Girl was added to the Hall of Fame radio, and was nominated as best international Pop Dance song.

When Renee Zawawi returned to the recording studio in 2016, the song became in respond to the “goof balls" When her demo music videos American Girl & Happy Hour went viral while she was shopping for labels, 5 other girls start ripping & snitching her artwork & creative. In the outer shell, they seemed to get by for several years; radio play, TV placement, publicity and she got nothing in return but extortion, injury & robbery.


In the inside Renee Zawawi is the audience favorite pop artist for her strength & originality. She was able to come back, picks up where she left off no trouble. What's the relationship between her and the others now? Nothing.


Renee Zawawi is an appealing public figure. She stands out in the crowd and she walks like a queen.  Leo is the queen of the jungle. The lion doesn’t necessary get along with other animals especially if a shark is trying to be the tiger based on Renee’s birthday party. After a while, they all become insincere and probably even boring/ or annoying to her.  My favorite new line in American Girl Gallery Show version " They'd even steal the Dead Sea Scrolls."  It is so sad at the same time very funny.


At the end of the day Renee Zawawi is self-entertained & unavailable for gossip.  She enjoys many hobbies from painting, biking, dating, cooking and photography. She takes a plane whenever to wherever she wants and spends her time with her band, fans and good friends. In the cover of Legends, she wears a skirt made up of flags representing various countries and top designed out of Old Glory and takes pride in her original song American Girl. The song features all-star musicians who also played with Prince Michael Jackson. Renee Zawawi's voice is sassy at the same time soothing. I think she might get along well with new crowds Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, The Weekend, and Sara Bareilles. 





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