Renee Zawawi "Happy Hour Music Video"

Renee Zawawi brings life to the otherwise dead hospital atmosphere & brings it out of her inmates. What made Happy Hour Music video a success is that she wasn't acting. Renee Zawawi was actually walking around with real cast & crutches on set. Renee Zawawi is a "Femme Fatale" in sick or in health. After was assaulted in a robbery, Renee Zawawi canceled her show at the Ultra Music Festival and decided to film a party at the hospital. The film is surreal and showcases Renee Zawawi quirky personality. Renee Zawawi is sexy at the same time funny and innocent. The video production started in 2008; Renee Zawawi became too ill to complete the filming at that time. The unfinished video footage remained archived until she returned to the studio in 2017 to film the playback scene!  Renee Zawawi returned to set 8 years later, as if she was gone for the weekend. Her comeback created an excitement and some publicity but she hasn't yet officially release her album "Gallery show" or mentioned any release dates. Renee Zawawi is the first artist in the music business history to have released 12 music videos in YouTube in one calendar year & having earned a college degree in film.




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