Renee Zawawi Happy Hour (feat. Marcus Colbert) & (feat. Manuel Rojas)

June 30, 2019


 Renee Zawawi Happy Hour Song Fun Facts 



 " I wrote Happy Hour so that friends can meet up and fall in love! What's more fun than getting together over coffee & dessert." Quote by Renee Zawawi 


Renee Zawawi is the American Beauty Queen, she has big brown eyes and a smile that can light up any room. She is not just pretty, she is also smart, as evidenced by the brainy quotes that she is so quick to throw out, as well as the amazing music that she is able to produce.  Renee Zawawi is a very unique and accomplished performing artist, having earned dual visual and performing arts college degrees. Renee studied art and literature at Arcadia University.  She also studied photography and film (motion picture development) at Brooks Institute and graduated in December 2015.


The music and imagery that Renee is able to produce is definitely appealing to the senses.  Through her artwork endeavors she was able to turn the 50's and 60's visual "Pop Art", into performing art and present her first performing art videos in the early 2000’s during her first gallery show entitled:  “The Four Seasons Video Art.”  She has also self produced a 17-month Calendar and her original demo album lyrics, music and image “Legends" in 2007. Renee Zawawi current music fuses New American Rock with Top 40 Pop Sound to create listening pleasure for her fans.  She is probably best known for her original songs like “Happy Hour,” which combines her passion for music and photography.


Renee Zawawi wrote and recorded various English and French versions of her original "Happy Hour" song featuring all stars musicians including, Tim Pierce (Guitar), Michael Parnell (Keyboard), Matt Lang (Drums), Jeff Babko, Hammond B3, and Rafael Padilla (Percussion), The recording was produced by Grammy Award winner Tom Weir and arranged by Michael Parnell. Originally Renee Zawawi featured studio musician "Marcus Colbert" to perform the (Rapping). When Renee Zawawi started taking the stage, she featured her dance partner "Manuel Rojas" to perform & dance with her live.


 Happy Hour is live on iTunes 





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Happy Hour is live on iTunes
Renee Zawawi Happy Hour Song

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