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October 7, 2018



Renee Zawawi is an independent American "Rock Star" Pop Princess; the first artist in the music business history to have released 12 music videos in her YouTube channel in one calendar year. Her first single "Mom" from her studio album "Gallery Show" reached #1 spot on both the Independent Music Network’s charts & the National Radio Hits Charts for weeks. Renee Zawawi " Mom" music fun/strong video. "Effected by life and death in my family, I learned to express my feeling through art. Death is transformation. Even though my mother isn't here with me, I hope I could reach out to her. I miss her. " Renee Zawawi


One Time In Italy 

Renee Zawawi One Time In Italy video is flashy, dark, romantic vignette, fantasy shots of Renee singing to a mirror and dancing with sexy beau in a big beautiful chateaux. The Music is pretty much representative of Renee Zawawi milieu home environment. (Reviewer Magazine) * Renee Zawawi lyrics are filled with wonderful images. David, the statue of Michael-anglo comes to live in a beautiful dance routine that I am sure will captivate and entice. (Carolyn Fox)


American Girl 

Renee Zawawi's voice is smooth and sassy, shaking its hips across a series of danceable world beats, a sweet, sharp example of what dance music can be when it showcases a talented vocalist. Renee Zawawi's story is almost as compelling as her music, shimmying their way through styles with the ease of a well-traveled woman. This is a smart, fun first album from an artist worth watching. Is there any girl in this Pop Music world who doesn't want to be Renee Zawawi? Renee Zawawi has become the #1 music inspirational artist and other artists looking her up has become obvious.  "O.R"




Renee Zawawi and her stirring dance-pop sound is America's best-kept secret - but it won't be a secret for much longer! Renee is charming, confident, and most of all, she is a petite beauty queen with wide eyes and large smile that can fill any room! The journey to stardom for this pop – princess has not been an easy one. Renee has holy blood running through her veins by way of her being a descendent of a royal family line. What separates Renee from everyone else is her distinctive life story and how she coped with various traumas throughout her life. Renee Zawawi is a true princess! When people discover that Renee has had and overcome an extremely difficult childhood, while being able to maintain her sense of humor, deep personality, and achieve far – reaching success at the same time, they are truly blown away and inspired! Her track Papa is an American Top 4o sounding, any world beat rockstar would be proud of making such a distinctive & creative single. 



Happy Hour 

Renee Zawawi brings life to the otherwise dead hospital atmosphere & brings it out of her inmates. What made Happy Hour Music video a success is that she wasn't acting. Renee Zawawi was actually walking around with real cast & crutches on set. Renee Zawawi is a "Femme Fatale" in sick or in health. After was assaulted in a robbery, Renee Zawawi canceled her show at the Ultra Music Festival and decided to film a party at the hospital. The film is surreal and showcases Renee Zawawi quirky personality. Renee Zawawi is sexy at the same time funny and innocent. The video production started in 2008; Renee Zawawi became too ill to complete the filming at that time. The unfinished video footage remained archived until she returned to the studio in 2017 to film the playback scene! Renee Zawawi returned to set 8 years later, as if she was gone for the weekend. Her comeback created an excitement and some publicity but she hasn't yet officially release her album "Gallery show" or mentioned any release dates yet. Renee is a very unique and accomplished performing artist. She has earned degrees in Visual and Performing Arts. She has studied both art and literature at Arcadia University. She also studied photography and film (motion picture development) at Brooks Institute.



Renee Zawawi Gallery Show album includes Legends 5 original hit songs MOM, PAPA, AMERICAN GIRL, ONE TIME IN ITALY, & HAPPY HOUR. Renee Zawawi wins "New Music Weekly Magazine’s “Best New AC Hot Artist” award for 2017 & Favorite Mainstream Impact Artist” award while the making of her studio album. 








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