Renee Zawawi Original Hits

August 7, 2018


Renee Zawawi studio EP LEGENDS includes 5 original hits;  "One Time In Italy" is a lush pillow talk of a song, romantic to the core. "​American Girl" is smooth and sassy pop track; sharp example of what dance music can be when it showcases talented vocalist.

Throughout all the successes and accomplishments, Renee has also dealt with her share of tragedies. For most of her life she searched for her mother, only to finally find her at the funeral. Renee Zawawi first single “Mom” reached #1 spot on both the Independent Music Network's charts & the National Radio Hits Charts for weeks. Renee wrote several songs about not only her mother, but also about her father "Papa", "Renee Zawawi Papa is a worthy any rockstar would be proud of. The track brings to mind classic bands like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and Queen.

Working a traditional schedule might work for most people, but not for Renee. In the morning time she is busy focusing on her blossoming photography career, during the afternoon time, she naps to recharge the batteries. Then right afterwards she is back on the social scene, socializing with friends and admirers during “Happy Hour,” typically between 5 to 9 pm. She absolutely loves spending time with her fans and friends performing outdoors to (at various venues), be it crashing friend’s wedding and birthday parties. "Bundle of lights bundle of joy" friends describe. Renee Zawawi music fuses a New American Rock with Top 40 Pop Sound to create listening pleasure for her fans. Renee Zawawi dazzled the music industry with her stand-alone original hit "Happy Hour,” which combines her passion for music and filmography. ​


In her Gallery Show, she records cover songs suggested by her producers, "Renee Zawawi "Smooth Operator" is set to take her to an even higher level in the music industry. "New Music Weekly". Renee Zawawi is able to write, sing original, record cover songs from any genre and she sounds great! "Renee Zawawi voice is soothing & comfortable delivering funky songs like Happy Hour while there is a tinge of melancholy in her evocative vocals in Whisky Bar" Robert E. 

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