Happy Hour

Renee Zawawi dazzled the music industry with her debut her original hit "Happy Hour,” which combines her passion for music and filmography. ​Renee Zawawi Happy Hour is a unique “Bedroom Farce” love song and series of comic music video clips. Renee Zawawi the Happy Hour song is a cute premise enchanted by Renee Zawawi perky vocals and up beat personality. Renee Zawawi Happy Hour is a stand-alone project. The song is recorded in various versions French & English.  Renee Zawawi constant French add lips is very sexy. It adds to the overall vibe as referenced in the narrative of her lyrics. This Philadelphia native, wrote Happy Hour at a small bar in Quebec City. Renee Zawawi wrote the original Happy Hour song.  Happy Hour is not about the cocktail hour, but it’s about love. "Happy Hour is time for lovers." Says, Renee Zawawi – she also says, "I wrote Happy Hour so that friends can meet up and fall in love! What's more fun than getting together over coffee & dessert!” Renee Zawawi ​describes. 




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Renee Zawawi Happy Hour Song

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